Where does the CryptoCurrencyExchangeConnector fit?

Who is most likely going to use the CryptoCurrencyExchangeConnector?

Your computer has the ability to talk to several brands and models of printers, right? So why shouldn’t your trading platform be able to talk to more than one exchange?

Trading Platform Developers

This open source project will provide a critical middleware piece to software that wants to connect to bitcoin and altcoin exchanges. Software developers who wish to connect their front-ends to an exchange can use the CryptoCurrencyExchangeConnector, and they gain the benefit of connecting to many exchanges instead of just one.

The DIY developer

Do you want your arbitrage idea to come to life? Why not let someone else handle all the connectivity issues with the exchanges?


The larger institutions have their own staff of programmers. But the “buy vs. build” scenario still comes up. It sometimes makes financial sense (and cents) to look at existing solutions.

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