Boost Test Command Line Favorites

The BitShares-Core project uses Boost Test features to exercise the product. When starting the test, here are some interesting command line options:


This will run a specific test. We organize them into modules, that usually match the filename for more easily finding a failing test.


This provides more detail about a test


If you have a lot of output, this will give you a report at the end that details passing and failing tests. It can be parsed to find the failing tests, and associate that failure with the test that caused it.

BitShares Testnet Notes

Here are some notes about the BitShares testnet. I just needed a single place to keep these:

When syncing from scratch, it will seem to hang with the following message in the default log:

1753845ms th_a application.cpp:569 handle_block ] Got block: #6690000 006614d0b54c9b1d1aa4f3e9e4af9fbdf55d5b26 time: 2017-03-07T12:32:40 transaction(s): 4 latency: 76463793845 ms from: f0x irreversible: 6689981 (-19)

This is due to the testing that took place in March of 2017. Be patient. It will go through eventually.

Also, the chain id of the public testnet is 39f5e2ede1f8bc1a3a54a7914414e3779e33193f1f5693510e73cb7a87617447

If there is a problem with network latency, it can flounder when trying to catch up on blocks, especially around March of 2017. To increase the timeout, adjust this line.