Blockchain Experience

Blockchain technology has applications beyond cryptocurrencies. The world is still figuring out what a distributed public ledger can do.

I began my experience with this technology by working on a C/C++ version of IPFS, an distributed filesystem.

From there, I was invited to participate as a member of the core team of the Bitshares blockchain, one of the first proof-of-stake chains. My focus was on code review, test frameworks, and inter-chain communication. My crowning achievement (IMO) was writing their HTLC implementation.

Komodo is a Bitcoin fork. I joined to help with maintaining their code base. One of their goals is to help smaller chains avoid 51% attacks. My main responsibility was improving their test coverage and segregating features that had polluted the code base.

In both of the projects above, extreme detail was given to network performance, hard fork testing, and code cleanliness.

I also assisted a client in developing a prediction model and P2P network map for a front running strategy for a dPoS chain.