The heart of an exchange is the matching engine. Bolsa is a centralized limit order book that provides the speed your exchange needs.

Bolsa is a part of the Exchange Suite of products from JMJ Atlanta. Using industry standard protocols and defined interfaces, Bolsa integrates with other back-office components regardless of the vendor.


Bolsa can receive orders through FIX, OUCH, and proprietary protocols. All actions within the engine are reported through FIX, OUCH, ITCH, or your proprietary data stream.


Bolsa is designed for speed, and can handle multiple order books. Scaling vertically is not an issue, including deployment on specialized hardware. Scaling horizontally is made easy by deploying a subset of order books in each instance.

Hosted or In-House

The engine was built for efficiency. Memory and processing power are conserved, making Bolsa an excellent choice for both in-house and cloud deployments.


Every exchange has their differences. Regulatory and market structures are constantly changing. New financial products and derivatives are deployed every day. JMJ Atlanta works with you to assure that new offerings are traded with ease.