Add orders quickly with simple and fast hotkeys

What is it?

Sniper is a small application that works along side Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation.

How do I use it?

  • Q – Buy at the current bid
  • W – Buy at the current bid plus $0.01
  • E – Buy at the current ask minus $0.01
  • R – Buy ad the current ask
  • U – Sell at the current bid
  • I – Sell ad the current bid + $0.01
  • O – Sell at the current ask – $0.01
  • P – Sell at the current ask

For a typical QWERTY style keyboard, you can think of the left side as the buy side, and the right side as the sell side. If you want to get in at a good price, hit the Q key and see if your bid gets hit. If you want to get in quickly and are willing to pay the asking price, hit R.

The same goes for selling, just use your right hand.

With “Armed” selected, orders are immediately transmitted to Interactive Brokers. Otherwise, the orders will appear in Trader Workstation, ready to be transmitted.

Can I use it for futures?

For now, it is only used for stocks. Futures will be added very soon (May, 2023)

How can I make it (do something else)?

If you have a need, please send an email to Let’s talk!

Where can I get it?

Sniper will soon (June 15, 2023) be freely downloadable for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.