Corredor Móvil is a mobile application that provides clients access to the Latinex stock exchange through their brokerage firm.

After downloading the application to their device, new users are able to create an account or log into their existing account.

Opening an account

A series of fields are presented to allow the user to provide the necessary information to the brokerage firm. Once complete, their answers are sent to the Embark system, and the process of on-boarding is started.

Should there be a need for additional data from the client, or the status of their account changes, such information can be pushed to the client’s device.

Even if the account opening process is incomplete, users are able to access market information and build watch lists. This allows them to familiarize themselves with the application while their account is in the process of being opened.

Watch list and Stock Information

The full list of investment options is available to be added to the watch list. Once added to the watch list and selected, basic information about the company and a chart of the latest prices are displayed.

Future versions will also include the latest news headlines from the company, with the ability to click to retrieve the news article using their browser.

The “Trade” button is enabled if the account is open and funded. If clicked, the user is able to create and submit a new order to the Order Management System of their brokerage.

Portfolio and Orders

Navigating to “Portfolio” allows the user to view their existing investments as well as their active orders. Active orders can also be cancelled from this area.

Technical Requirements

Corredor Móvil is written in Java and Kotlin. It will run on more than 90% of Android phones and tablets currently being used. A connection to the Internet is required for market data and order functionality.

The application is designed to easily be customized to match the branding of your brokerage. Logos and color schemes are added during the implementation process.

Development Status

Corredor Móvil is currently in development and nearing the implementation testing stage. A test version using sample data can be downloaded by navigating to