Bloom Filter Types

In the implementation I am working with, a bloom filter allows us to determine if a particular item has been selected from a set. Both the set and subset can be large.

While speed is a benefit, the real benefit for us is the memory footprint. We can quickly determine if the item is (probably) selected, without maintaining a list of (large) keys.

I am researching various types of bloom filters that must fit within the following parameters:

  • Low false positive
  • Memory efficient
  • Deletable
  • No false negative

The last two pose the challenge. A standard implementation of a bloom filter does not have false negatives, but items cannot be deleted. Deletions without knowing if an item was previously inserted can cause false negatives in the following implementations:

  • counting bloom filter
  • cuckoo filter
  • dlbf (possibly, not tested)

Research links:

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