BitShares TESTNET Binaries

These are version 3.1.0 binaries that connect to the BitShares TESTNET. I compiled these mainly for use by the BUIDL Boston hackathon, but there is nothing special about them. You can build them yourself from source by building the tags/test-3.1.0 tag from

The file cli_wallet_mac.tar.gz has the sha 256 checksum hash of 5e0d89576115e4ece3ec2fa99221a2a9ebcadfdd0d22e309f2739ba38259a787

The file BitShares-Core-test-3.1.0-Linux-cli-tools.tar.gz has the sha 256 checksum hash of bdc9159a617b56e560e565a633012f739d20170f68aebd79744be1655a5acb02

The file has the sha256 checksum hash of 3b8c26ce8955bcd81b716ff4f6236a5123648a3eb0009010ac5c9f5aeb0b69a8

Note: The Windows version of cli_wallet.exe must know where your certificates are stored if you wish to connect to secure websockets. The environment variable SSL_CERT_FILE should point to a .pem file that contains those certificates. If you need a certificate file, I recommend you download it from the curl website by clicking here.

If you place the above cacert.pem file in the same directory as cli_wallet.exe, you can easily set the environment variable and start the cli_wallet.

set SSL_CERT_FILE=./cacert.pem
cli_wallet.exe -s wss://

Below are some URLs to BitShares Testnet nodes:

  • wss://
  • wss://
  • wss://

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